Customize your Mosquito AIR with original Mosquito Parts & Accessories

Here you find our range of original parts and accessories for your Mosquito AIR Helicopter.

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1. Options of Building Stages

(all prices below including crating fees)

Mosquito AIR - RTF (Ready to fly) - USD 37.500
Mosquito AIR - KIT (Complete) - USD 30.200
Mosquito AIR - SUB KIT 1 (Air Frame) - USD 6.200
Mosquito AIR - SUB KIT 2 (Controls) - USD 3.600
Mosquito AIR - SUB KIT 3 (Drive) - USD 8.100
Mosquito AIR - SUB KIT 4 (Engine/Instruments) - USD 8.100
Mosquito AIR - SUB KIT 5 (Rotor System) - USD 7.100


2. Parts & Accessories


    Tuned Exhaust System (MZ202 Engines only)
approx 20% power increase
  USD 650.00  

    Exhaust ball joint kit (MZ202 Engines)
Custom double exhaust ball joint kit
to relieve stress on the muffler for
less stress cracking
Made from stainless steel
For standard exhaust only
Exhaust is not included
  USD 400.00  

    Gear box temperature monitoring
  USD 250.00  


    Carbon fiber tail rotor blades
  USD 500.00  

    Quick build fab parts
Precision CNC machined and die-stamped
formed parts for a precision fit in your Mosquito
  USD 520.00  

    Ground handling wheel kit
Fits into skit brackets
  USD 250.00  


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