Customize your Mosquito XE285 with original Mosquito Parts & Accessories

Here you find our range of original parts and accessories for your Mosquito XE285 Helicopter.

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1. Options of Building Stages

(all prices below including crating fees)

Mosquito XE285 - RTF (Factory paint and "Ready to fly") - USD 52.200
Mosquito XE285 - KIT (Complete) - USD 40.800
Mosquito XE285 - SUB KIT 1 (Air Frame) - USD 10.800
Mosquito XE285 - SUB KIT 2 (Controls) - USD 3.700
Mosquito XE285 - SUB KIT 3 (Drive) - USD 8.200
Mosquito XE285 - SUB KIT 4 (Engine/Instruments) - USD 14.200
Mosquito XE285 - SUB KIT 5 (Rotor System) - USD 7.200


2. Stabilizer

    Horizontal stabilizer with vertical end fins
Material: Fiberglass
  USD 400.00  

    Horizontal stabilizer
Material: Fiberglass
  USD 300.00  

    Vertica stabilizer for tail-fin
Material: Fiberglass
  USD 300.00  


3. Comfort

    Door kit, hinged rear, 3 locks, 2 doors and all hardware
Material: Fiberglass / acrylic
  USD 920.00  

    Tinted windscreen (surcharge)
Surcharge to the standard clear windscreen
  USD 50.00  

    Seat cover
Formed to accomodate control stick movements
  USD 260.00  

    Cargo compartment
Add a lockable luggage compartment to your helicopter

Please note: Choose only one option:
either the cargo compartment or the aux tank!
  USD 150.00  

    Aux fuel tank - 8 Gal. (30 Ltr.)
Add 30 Ltr to your fuel capacity!
The kit includes everything needed to install:
transfer pump, fuel fill, pipe and all fittings.

Please note: Choose only one option:
either the cargo compartment or the aux tank!
  USD 400.00  


4. Electronic, Lights & Avionic

    Military style grip for cyclic
8-function grip
Including machined adapter fittings.
  USD 330.00  

    Curved cyclic stic Military style grip
Bent cyclic for
Including machined adapter fittings.
  USD 50.00  

    Large dash panel
The large dash panel gives more space
for instruments and radios compared
to the standard panel.

Highly recommended for glass cockpits.
  USD 60.00  

    Custom pitot tube kit
tig-welded aluminium, ready to install
  USD 70.00  

    Strobe for vertical stabilizer
ntensely bright, certified aviation quality!
  USD 520.00  

    Skid tip LED position lights
Super bright LED position lights
Made to fit into the skid tips
2 lights (green and red)
  USD 350.00  


5. Engine & Exhaust Parts

    Gear box temperature monitoring
  USD 250.00  


6. Others

    Carbon fiber tail rotor blades
  USD 500.00  

    Quick build fab parts
Precision CNC machined and die-stamped
formed parts for a precision fit in your Mosquito
  USD 520.00  

    Ground handling wheel kit
Fits into skit brackets
  USD 250.00  


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